Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience in Dublin

This amazing car has an exhilarating 6000 RPM acceleration with Formula 1 racing gear change paddles which will make your experience intense and unforgettable. An observer is with you on your drive to offer you speed and safety guidance - includes comprehensive insurance.

It's the perfect gift idea for your brother, boyfriend, husband, friend or any Ferrari fan and you can do it right here in Ireland.
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Ferrari Driving Experiences | Drive a Ferrari in Ireland

The Experience

Ferrari driving will always be a dream for many. For you, this is now a reality! You will be driving a piece of engineering perfection, the legendary Ferrari 360 F1. You will be taking the wheel for the entire journey - you just need to hit the gas. The special design of this car is a feast for the eyes and superb acceleration and stable handling make this Ferrari 360 F1 experience unforgettable!

The experience takes place on the public roads in Dublin. Your accompanying observer will guide you through performance driving techniques, and how to get the best of the Ferrari. Your route is varied so  you have the chance to discover the potential of the Ferrari 360 F1's speed and power. Remember, this is not a sight-seeing tour, you can take the bus for that! 

Here's what Philip Kelly, who recently drove our Ferrari said, "Absolutely loved this, best thing ever and 100 times better than a track day." ...What will you say?

Vital Information

You need to be in possession of a valid Irish or EU driving licence and should bring it with you on the day. Minimum age 25. You must read carefully and sign a driver's declaration; contacting us in advance of your drive if you do not meet any of the conditions.

The Weather

In severe weather conditions your drive may be cancelled and and rescheduled for a later date.

Session Length

Your 1 to 1 experience will last for at least 20 minutes. Please allow around an hour including briefing time. You must arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time.


This is an individual experience with 1 participant and an observer. Briefings may be shared.


Spectators are welcome to watch you drive off and return in the Ferrari. It's best not for them to attempt to follow as they simply will not keep up!

Dress Code

Wear trousers, light clothing, flat-soled thinly soled, narrowshoes, as the pedals in Ferrari's are close together!


Experiences run on selected weekdays and weekends.


Near Dublin

Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience in Dublin:

Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience in Dublin: Reviews

Thanks a million
Thanks a million for this experience the Ferrari was amazing! And the instructor was very professional and a genuine nice guy thanks again
Ciaran (18/02/14)
10 / 10
If i had this car it would have been in pristine condition. Inside was a little messy. tissue in the passenger seat pocket and it could have done with a inside polish. The drive was amazing but it was a little overshadowed by the instructor beside me who was wearing old baggy sweater and dirty old casual jeans. I thought this is an expensive 20 mins the instructor should be dressed well and not smell of BO beside you. Harsh but i have to admit it was a okay experience, glad i done it but will not be back.

Golden Moments reply: Thanks for you honest feedback Aiden. Our staff should be wearing our branded shirts and jackets (we don't supply trousers). We'll raise your points with the team.
Aiden (24/09/13)
6 / 10
Great Experience
Hi all I had a fab time beautiful car great instructor and the weather was great . It will be an experience I will always have with me thanks to all involved
Darren Creevy (29/07/13)
10 / 10
Fantastic experience
Just completed the Ferrari experience with Pearse, it was fantastic. Pearse was a great instructor, very professional, enthusiastic and helpful. I will definitely be recommending it to family and friends :-)
Gary S. (29/06/13)
10 / 10
Ferrari Driving Experience
Drove a ferrari 360 in Dublin yesterday every 67 year old should do it at least once exhilarating ,amazing!!
Anonymous (03/05/13)
10 / 10
Ferrari Driving Experience
I have just returned from my Ferrari experience with Pearse and I have to say the experience was fantastic. Would recommend it highly and thanks a million to Pearse who was a great instructor and made my drive fantastic.
Dan (15/04/13)
10 / 10
I just did the Ferrari 360 experience in Dublin with Pearse. I'd like too say very professional and good.
Colum, C (26/02/13)
10 / 10
The girls from iRadio
They only gaves us a 9 out of 10! The Ferrari only has 2 seats! Go to our Facebook page iRadio girls with our Ferrari 360 experience in Dublin
Golden Moments Team (04/02/13)
9 / 10
Great Experience
What can I say. it's a Ferrari! Enough said. Okay. I'll say a little more. First impression. what a beautiful car. Then the noise, wow! And then the acceleration - just breathtaking. For most people a drive in a Ferrari is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I have to be honest, I want to do that again and again and again!
Kelly (04/10/12)
10 / 10
What a fantastic experience and well worth the money.Definitely something I will never forget.I thought I'd never get a chance to drive a supercar yet alone a Ferrari on the main road but today I did.
My instructor Daniel was dead on and just let me get on with it driving the car.
Would definitely recommend it to anyone I know.
James D (04/10/12)
10 / 10
Average review
9.5 / 10

Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience in Dublin: Review

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Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience in Dublin: Availability

Experiences run on selected weekdays and weekends.

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Minimum age is 25. Full Irish driving licence or EU equivalent required