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Acre of Land on Mars Gift Pack

Become the lawful owner of an acre of the red planet and get your claim to Mars.

What could be more amazing than giving somebody a unique gift with an Acre of Land on Mars! Suitable for alien fanatics or for anybody who wants to be the holder of Mineral Rights on Mars. Surprise your friends with our latest space property gift idea. Get a certificate which proves your ownership and map which shows the exact position of your estate on Mars. You will also on the Mineral rights on your property. This unique gift idea will make the recipient astonished!

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A unique gift package

Acre of Land on Mars Gift Pack:  

The Gift

Get on the property ladder in space and become the proud owner of an acre of land on the Moon. Surprise your loved one with the most unusual, exciting, bizarre, interesting gift you could ever give or receive! It's the deeds to an actual plot of land on Mars - a whole acre. They say men are from Mars, and now you can send a few of them back there - to their very own plot. Everyone dreams of going into space, and while we can't sell you a ticket for that, we can give you the deeds so you have somewhere to stay when you get there!
We know it doesn't seem like it can be for real, but it really is genuine and legal - the land was claimed by a man called Dennis Hope who discovered a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, the only relevant international law to do with extra-terrestrial land ownership. Using that loophole he registered a claim to ALL the planets in the Solar System (yes, really!) with the United Nations and other major governments. That was way back in 1980, and in all that time no-one has been able to come up with a reason why his claim should not be valid - and yes it has been ruled on by a court of law. Trading Standards have even looked into it, and agreed it is legal in the UK. 
You will receive all the necessary documents to prove that you are the lawful owner of your plot! 

The Gift Includes

You'll receive a complete welcome package for your Acre of Land on Mars including:
• Martian Deed
• Martian Map
• Mineral Rights Certificate
• Welcome Letter
• Bill of Rights and Martian Constitution
• Registration Form
• I own land on Mars coaster
Once we receive your completed registration form, your acre of Mars will be registered and you'll become the genuine owner of a piece of the red planet! We don't need any further details right now apart from where we should send your welcome package.


Delivery costs to anywhere in Europe is included within the price above. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery to the UK and 4-5 working days for delivery to anywhere else in Europe.

Acre of land on the Moon or on Venus

We also offer the option to purchase other acres. Click here for more information on acres of land on the Moon and Venus.

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  • Our Price €24.27
  • Quantity:
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