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Active Fun Day in Galway

You have the choice of combining any two of the following Outdoor Activities: Rockclimbing, Abseiling, Kayaking, Hill Walking, Archery, Windsurfing and Ropes Challenges. Our Experience Hunters found this active and adrenalin packed offer iin Galway, which awaits you! Don't miss out on this experience!
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Active Fun Day in Galway:  

The Experience

Does activity mixed with fun and outdoor sound like something you would like to do? 
Be presented with outdoor challenges which will last the whole day. 
For our active Experience Hunters, Golden Moments now offers a gift experience of an Active Fun Day in Galway. Experience Hunters have the choice of combining any two of the activities below:
- Climbing and Abseiling on the climbing tower
- Hill walking
- Ropes challenges
- Archery
- Kayaking
- Gorge Walking
Your challenges will take place from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.
This Active Fun Day makes an exciting gift for anyone who enjoys being active outdoors.

Vital Information

Only persons 18 years of age and over can partake in this experience. General healthy condition and physical fitness is required to enjoy this experience to its maximum in Galway.

The Weather

In case of unsuitable weather conditions cancellations may apply. Experience Hunters will be directly contacted for re-booking. This is at no extra cost.

Session Length

Active Fun Day will last a whole day, full of experience. The experience starts at 10am to 1pm with a hour break between and then from 2pm to 5pm.


This experience does take place in small groups.


To ensure that our Experience Hunters remain focused on their challenges, only they will be allowed to enjoy this unforgettable outdoor experience. Please purchase additional vouchers to take part of this experience.

What To Wear

Wear comfortable clothing and it is advisable to bring a rain coat with you.


Our Active Fun Day is available nearly all year round. Advance bookings are advised.


Co. Galway

Active Fun Day in Galway:

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Active Fun Day in Galway: Availability

This Active Fun Day is avaliable nearly all year round. Advance bookings are advised due to unlimited space.

Active Fun Day in Galway: Fascinating Facts

Active Fun Day in Galway: Not sure yet

Active Fun Day in Galway: Restrictions

Only persons 18 years and over can partake in this experience.
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  • Our Price €99.00
  • Quantity:
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