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Name a Star Gift Package

Dedicate a star to someone special...

This present is guaranteed to amaze and will be well received by someone you love, appreciate or have respect for. With this Name a Star gift, you'll have a present that will last a lifetime and which will make someone very special!
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Name a...

Name a Star Gift Package:  

The Gift

Surprise your loved one and name a star after them! Giving someone the joy of looking in the sky and say that 'this star is mine' will surely make them feel special and happy. Your Name a Star gift package contains everything you need to dedicate a unique star to someone special; a loved one, a child or in memoriam - the ability to Name a Star will last forever.
You will receive a star map so you can learn all the major constellations, as well as helping to locate your own star's co-ordinates. There's no need to provide the name of the recipient at this stage - just fill out the registration form inside the pack and pop it in the post, email the details, or give us a call with the required information, and when the Intergalactic Star Database receives it they will allocate a particular star and send the official documents out.

The Gift Includes

You'll receive a registration pack which includes:
- Gift announcement certificate
- Welcome Letter
- Star co-ordinates document
- Philips Star Chart
- Registration form


Delivery costs to anywhere in Europe is included within the price above. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery to the UK and 4-5 working days for delivery to anywhere else in Europe.

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  • Our Price €25.99
  • Quantity:
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