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Fly a Fighter Jet

Fly a Fighter Jet

The ultimate flying experience


Is there anything like the thrill of flying in a fighter jet? We don't think there is, to fly a fighter jet must be our most exhilerating and exciting experiences. 

There are various options of flying a fighter jet and feeling like a Top Gun pilot. The most popular military aircraft that we offer fighter jet flights in is the Albatros L-39, a current fighter jet, which is a popular amongst air forces across the world. The L-39 is used as a trainer jet, so is great for these fighter jet flying experiences, it is also used a military display aircraft. 

One of our most popular fighter jet experiences is our Fly a Vampire Fighter Jet in London. Not only a great location to fly in a fighter jet but the Vampire is a historic machine, developed as an experiement in the early 1940's it was the centre piece of the Royal Airforce for many years. You can now fly in a de Havilland Vampire and experience this beast that even tough developed over 7 decades ago could still amass speeds well over of 500 mph.

Experience the flight of your life with on of fighter jet flights. Discounts available, use discount code FLY5 

Experiences across Europe and beyond....

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Microlight Flying Lesson - 60 minutes I got this for my birthday and i couldn't of thought of a better present, I will remember doing this forever! i was so nervous at first but everyone was so helpful and friendly i felt fine after while and the adrenaline rush was amazing! Taylor

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