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Extreme Activities Ireland

Extreme Activities Ireland

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Check out our extreme activiites. Why not challenge yourself with an experience that will rise your adrenaline? Experience the ultimate thrill when you do that jump with a Skydive experience or why not take the leap and jump over the edge in a Bungee jump? Sit in a Rally car and take the wheel and drive like you've never driven before. With these extreme experience you are guaranteed to feel alive and have a memory you will never forget.

Raise your adrenaline with these Extreme Activities...

Experiences across Europe and beyond....

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Dolphin and Whale Watching in West Cork The whole experience was amazing. The weather was also superb, which really added to the experience. The boat was bang on time and the guide, Nic Slocum was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable, not just about the whales and dolphins, but also about the history and geography of the West Cork region and the Baltimore area in particular. The only disappointing point was that the whales didn't show up, but this was more than compensated for by the dolphins and they way they interact with the boat. Truly superb experience and highly recommended. anon

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