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Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK)

International experience in : United Kingdom
This is the ideal present for someone who is looking to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo. Driving 6 laps of our track in Staffordshire, the lucky recipient will then receive a driver analysis from their instructor and a certificate to take with them. Give away an unforgettable gift with our Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Session.
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Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK)

Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK):  

The Experience

Our Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire experience is where you have the opportunity to drive one of the most exclusive super cars from Italy. This car has an amazing price tag of over £130,000! Slipping into the leather seat and engaging the first six gears of the Lamborghini Gallardo with it's Italian 500hp V10 engine is possibly one of the most exiciting things you can experience.
An expert instructor will be by your side and you will be able to enjoy unrivalled performace and handling with the Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire experience.


- Welcome, registration and a briefing on safety and driving techniques
- 6 Laps driving a Lamborghini 
- Each instructor will give you a short debrief and complete your driver analysis form
- Collection of your driving certificate

Vital Information

You need to be in possession of a full manual driving licence and should bring it with you on the day. You must be less than 6'6'' and weigh less than 18 1/2 stone.

Once a booking is made it can not be changed.  A cancellation policy which covers for breakdown on route to the venue, serious illness to the driver, death within the immediate family can be taken out by the customer for £20 when booking. Documentation will need to be provided when using the cancellation policy. A damage waiver can be purchased on the day of the driving experience and costs £20. By paying the fee you will not be liable for the first £1000 excess as a result of damage to any of the cars. Premium time slots are usually available between 11am-3pm for a £10 fee. 

The Weather

Your Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Session may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions (e.g. ice or heavy rain) which would make driving at speed dangerous. If this is the case, your experience can be rebooked. If in doubt, please call the venue before departing.

Session Length

Please allow to be at the venue for approximately 1 hour. You should arrive in advance to your experience. 


All in-car tuition is on a one-to-one basis although briefings may be shared. 


Spectators are welcome to join you and will receive a free 4x4 Off-Road passenger ride. Extra drives and passenger rides are available to purchase on the day, subject to availability. 

What To Wear

Wear trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and flat-soled shoes for your Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Session. Any special equipment will be provided to you are advised to dress for the weather on the day. 


You can enjoy the Lamborghini Thrill in Stafford on Saturdays, some Sundays and selected weekdays from January to December. Upon booking, you will be asked to provide three preferred dates. 


Stafford, United Kingdom



Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK):

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Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Reviews

Average review
10.0 / 10

Great car and fantastic day
What a wonderful day! What a speed; superb!

Many thanks go to my dearest mother who gave me this gift.
Thom Oldewel
10 / 10

I alaways wanted to drive a lamborghini, so imagine my happy reaction when I got this as a present from my parents. I cant believe I got to drive this awesome car. I only wished I couldve have more time. The car was awesome and fast, man, take me back!

10 / 10

Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Review

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Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Availability

You can enjoy the Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Stafford on selected weekends and weekdays throughout the year. Upon booking, you will be asked to provide three preferred dates. Please call our team of Experience Hunters for more information on dates.

Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Fascinating Facts

Lamborghini was founded in year 1963 in Italy and grew very fast at the market. Today Lamborghini is today known for its sleek, exotic designs, and its cars have become symbols of performance and wealth. Lamborghini is today considered being one of the exclusive cars today.

Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Not sure yet

Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill in Staffordshire (UK): Restrictions

Please be advised that you should not be taller than 6'6'' and weigh not more than 18 and a half stones to partake in the Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Experience. All participants must hold a clean manual driving licence and may be required to show it on the day.
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  • Our Price €115.75
  • Quantity:

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