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Loyalty Rewards Program Setup

Reward your customers, clients, and employees with a Loyalty Rewards Scheme from Golden Moments. A Loyalty Program through Golden Moments can incentivise, reward, motivate and create return business.
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Loyalty Rewards Program Setup

Loyalty Rewards Program Setup:  

About our Experiential Loyalty Program

Setting up a Loyalty Rewards Program with Golden Moments is a simple process that will generate loyal buying behaviour from your customers. Our Loyalty Schemes are a tool that will aid your business in generating return custom.

From working with the likes of Hilton Honors and American Express we have established ourselves as a leading Experiential Loyalty Provider. Not only can we provide a multi-lingual website with a wide range of experiences covering the main European countries, we also offer our multi-lingual customer service team to assist your clients with their rewards and bookings.

Our Loyalty Rewards Program includes;

  • Setup of a Co-Branded website, specially created for your customers
  • A dedicated advisor to assist you with ideas and the completion of the setup
  • Gift Experience products covering 11 European countries
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support
  • Regular (whether it be weekly or monthly) or ad-hoc reward value updates to integrate into our reward points engine
  • Individual reward member and management logins for real-time access to reward history
  • Communication plan to welcome and maintain new and existing members.
  • Six months maintenance ( @ £50 per month)

Should you require any further information, please contact our sales team on 0845 2714 900.

* price shown is excluding VAT

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Loyalty Rewards Program Setup:

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  • Our Price €2548.01
  • Quantity:
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